Looking for a job in MESH? This is the place to look.
November 2016
MESH is looking for an Accountant

Experience 8-10 years desirable
Full working knowledge of Tally essential
CA inter. applicants will be considered with less experience.

Applications with CV should be sent to

Job description

Budgeting and monitoring expenditure against budgets
• Preparation of draft annual budgets
• Quarterly P & L statements
• Preparation of quarterly statements for projects
• Preparation of cash flow requests quarterly for project
• Preparation for annual audit of project funds and filing of audit statement with the donors.

Keeping of the books of accounts Ensuring -
• Posting of all bills in Tally according to budget heads
• Bank reconciliation monthly
• Trial balance periodically
• Preparation of cheques with vouchers for payments to suppliers
• Collection of signatures on cheques for all payments
• Filing of bills and vouchers for easy reference and transparency
• Posting of payments from buyers in Tally
• Posting of donations in Tally
• Issue of receipts to donors
• Collection of payments and issue of statements of account for external parties
• All tabulating and statement preparation work for the audit to begin
• Co-operation with the auditors to complete the annual audit
• Preparation of balance sheet and Income and Expenditure statements
• Opening and closing of bank accounts as required
• Management of fixed deposits

• Ensuring preparation of stock statements for the annual audit
• Maintenance of an assets register

• Calculation of salaries based on increments approved by the Executive Committee in the budget
• Preparation of salary slips monthly
• Preparation of salary statement to accompany cheques for signing
• Payment of salaries monthly
• Calculation of bonuses as advised by the Executive Committee

Statutory Compliances.
[/b]• Calculating and deducting PF from staff salaries
• Payment of PF into the appropriate account
• Preparation and filing of PF returns according to statuary requirements

• Calculating TDS payable
• deducting tax at source
• Payment of TDS into the appropriate account
• preparing and filing of the TDS returns
Sales tax and VAT
• Ensuring collection of sales tax VAT according to statutory requirements
• Collection of data for consultants to prepare returns
• Co-ordinating with consultants to ensure filing of returns according to statutory requirements
• Working with the tax auditor to clear any outstanding tax cases
• Collection of data etc and presentation to the LIC officer annually to determine annual gratuity liability
• Make the payment
• Inform PF dept. of the EDLI cover from LIC annually
Income tax
• Collection of data required by the auditor for calculating tax liability, preparing tax audit and filing returns or clearing income tax scrutiny
Property tax and lease payment
• To provide information to the municipal authorities to calculate the annual payments
• Make the payments
• File the payment information
FCRA and Registrar of Societies
• Filing of FC returns to MHA according to statutory requirements
• Filing of annual reports and list of office bearers with MHA annually
• Filing of list of Executive Committee members with Registrar of Societies annually

Management Information Systems
• Upgrading systems and policies
• Ensuring that there are adequate MIS to monitor sales
• Analysing performance

• Training of a junior in all book-keeping tasks.